With most of us living busier lives than ever, juggling work, family and responsibilities, I’m always on the look-out for ways we can use our precious time more effectively and efficiently.

Our phones have certainly helped us be more productive – but let’s face it, they also vie for our attention and can distract and take so much of our time!

Find and do what you want on your device faster

So I’ve created a list of tips and tricks to help you be more productive when you use your iPhone or iPad. Knowing these handy little tricks and features will help you find and do what you want on your device more quickly and easily. Every little helps when it comes to being more productive!


Shake your phone to undo

If you make a mistake in typing, deleting, pasting or cutting, give your iPhone or iPad a shake!

Shake to Undo works with almost all apps that you can type in.

If you have mistakenly removed any text, you can Shake to redo, simply shake your iPhone again. In the pop-up that appears, tap on ‘Redo’.

You can enable the feature in your Settings (Go to General > Accessibility > Shake to Undo) if it’s not enabled already.


Accurately control the cursor

Do you find it tricky to move the cursor exactly where you need it to go to correct a typo or make an edit?

Try this easy way!

Press down hard on your iPhone or iPad’s keyboard until the letters on the keyboard vanish. Now move your finger around the keyboard – you’ll be able to move the cursor exactly where you want it to go.


Find and open an app or webpage

Trying to find an app on your iPhone or iPad? Or need to quickly find a website?

Rather than endlessly swiping through the screens to find it or going to Google, just use Siri!

First activate Siri by long-pressing the home button or saying ‘Hey Siri’.

Then say “Open…” followed by the name of the app or website you want. For example, “Open Messenger” or “Open BBC website”.

It’ll find and open the app or website you want immediately.


Easily delete an email

Here’s a quick way to delete an email in Mail: go to your Inbox to see your list of emails, place your finger on the email you want to delete and quickly swipe it from right to left. It moves to Trash.  (If you’re using Gmail it will move to Archive).


Find the setting you want

Ever wanted to change a setting e.g. to adjust screen brightness, but you don’t know where that is located in Settings?

On your iPad or iPhone, the Settings screen has a useful search box at the top. You might need to swipe down to see it.

Just type in what you’re trying to find in the search box.


Get back to the top of the page

Did you know you can tap the menu bar (where the time is displayed) on your iPhone or iPad to quickly get to the top of the web page, document or list you’re reading?

Instead of scrolling back to the top after you’ve read a long web page, or a long list of emails, just tap the very top of the screen. You’ll immediately get back to the top.

‘Tap to top’ works in most iPhone apps.


A fast way to find an emoji

Tap on the emoji button on your iPhone or iPad keyboard to bring up the emojis.

Now swipe your finger across the grey icons at the bottom of the keyboard to quickly browse all the emojis and find the one you want faster than ever.


Quickly switch apps

Swipe right on the screen with four fingers to switch apps.


Find an email with an attachment, e.g. a photo or a document

When you’re in your Mail inbox, tap the little circle icon in the bottom left corner.

Then tap the Filtered by text at the bottom of the screen. From here you can choose to see only all emails with attachments. You can also see all your flagged emails, or unread emails.


Two useful keyboard tips

  • Double-tap the Space bar to add a full-stop
  • To type in all capital letters: Double-tap quickly on the shift key (on the left, with the up arrow) until a line appears under the up arrow to turn Caps Lock on. Tap the shift key again once to turn caps lock OFF.


Close all your tabs in Safari

If you want to quickly clean up Safari, you can easily close all opened tabs at once. Open Safari, then tap and hold down the Tabs button (the two squares icon) in the Safari toolbar. Select Close All Tabs.


Charge your iPhone or iPad faster

Here are three tips to charge your iPhone or iPad faster:

  • If you want or need to keep your iPhone or iPad on whilst charging, just turn Airplane Mode on. Go to your Settings and toggle Airplane Mode to On
  • Turn your iPhone or iPad off completely when you want to charge your phone faster
  • Charge your iPhone with an iPad charger. The charger that comes with an iPad is a little more powerful.


Which of these tips is your favourite? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

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12 simple and useful iPhone and iPad tips to help you save time and be more productive

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