Are you looking for ideas for useful apps to install to make the most of your smartphone or tablet? This list is for you!

I have many apps on my phone but these are my favourites and the ones I always recommend.

All the apps on this page are free and available for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

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De-clutter your photo collection

I’m a perfectionist when it comes to taking photos…getting the perfect light, angle, pose, moment…I just click click click away! Result: 10 very similar photos for every photo I take = hundreds of duplicates!

I use an app called Remo to help me find and remove all the duplicate (and very similar) pictures.

Doing this regularly means you’ll have more space on your phone or tablet.

I think you’ll particularly love…how easy this app is to use.



painting on a tablet
Get creative with the Paper app

Channel your inner van Gogh

There’s nothing like getting messy with real paints and pastels but…if you don’t have those to hand and are feeling creative why not give Paper a go?

Sketching, writing, and painting on your iPad with your finger is fun and the results with Paper are impressive, whatever your artistic ability!

Then when you’ve created your masterpiece, easily save it to your Photos – or share it.

I think you’ll particularly love…using the watercolour brush. The results are so realistic and beautiful.


From digital snaps to printed pics

Do you have hundreds of photos on your phone or tablet but rarely get any of them printed?

An app called Free Prints was recommended to me and I just had to try it out! With Free Prints you can get 45 photos printed free of charge every month. Just a small delivery fee to pay.

Simply choose the photos from your device and you’ll receive 6×4 sized photos in the post.

I think you’ll particularly love…seeing your digital photos in print and putting them in frames and albums  – like the good old days.


Heavenly sounds to relax to

I wanted to find an app that could de-stress in busy times and help me relax, unwind and sleep.

Relax Melodies is a fun stress-busting app which plays soothing sounds, ambient melodies and sleep meditations.

From purring cats and lapping water to medieval melodies and birds chirruping, you choose the sounds you love most. Then close your eyes and escape from your hectic day.

I think you’ll particularly love… combining the sounds and melodies that you find most calming. Birds + Winds Chimes + Butterfly sounds heavenly!


I enhanced my photo of this stunning sunset with Snapseed to bring out the colours.

From so-so photos to ‘wow’ photos

One of the joys of photography for me is enhancing the photo after I’ve taken it. For this I use Snapseed, an easy-to-use photo editing app that can really bring a wow factor to your photos.

Snapseed‘s tools let you sharpen, highlight, blur, add drama, smooth, adjust colour saturation, add filters and frames.

Use it to do a little simple correction or use it to unleash your creative side and turn your photo into a work of art!

I think you’ll particularly love…the Ambiance feature in the ‘Tune Image’ section. It makes your photos instantly more vibrant.



Tunein Radio lets you listen to the world’s radio with music, sport, news, talk, and comedy streaming from every continent.

If you speak another language or are learning or teaching a language, Tunein Radio is a fun way to immerse yourself in the language and music.

Or if you’re a sports fan, you’ll love the sports stations from around the world, whatever you’re into!

I think you’ll particularly love…browsing the ‘By language’ section for a fascinating selection of radio shows from around the world. From Radio Thailand Bangkok to Spegillinn RUV (Icelandic news), take your pick!



Photo of cat
I used the ‘Poster’ feature on PhotoGrid to give my photo of my cat a Polaroid effect.

Showcase your favourite snaps

If you’re looking for a collage making app, I’ve found PhotoGrid to be super easy. There are many collage making apps available and I’ve tried several (I also like BeFunky) but this is the one I keep going back to.

PhotoGrid gives lots of template options and creative effects like background colour and stickers. Or you can choose the Scrapbook maker, which lays out your photos just like you would see in a scrapbook.

I think you’ll particularly love…the fun ‘Poster’ effects. Select a photo then choose from some eye-catching effects, like turning your photo into a bus stop advert or a Polaroid!


Turn your phone or tablet into a scanner

When my scanner stopped working I started using a super useful app called Camscanner and now I can’t imagine needing to use a bulky scanner ever again.

If you ever need to scan a letter, receipt, a photo, notes or any paper document you simply take a photo of it with your phone or tablet and the app turns it into a digital version instantly.

Just a few more taps to crop and enhance the photo and your scanned document looks bright, clear and professional.

I think you’ll particularly love…how easy it is to save and share what you’ve scanned.


Music record
Discover new music with Soundhound

Name that tune and sing along

Next time you’ve got a tune in your head and you can’t remember what song it is, try Soundhound.You can hum or sing a song into the app and it will identify it (which is of course assuming you can hold a tune!).

It can identify a song that’s playing on the radio or even in a noisy café. The other popular music recognition app is Shazam which I also like – but Soundhound is on this list because it’s so clever at identifying songs when you hum or sing into it.

I like that you can listen to the whole song for free, and it even shows the lyrics. Perfect for singing along.

I think you’ll particularly love…humming that song that’s stuck in your head to find out what it’s called. And discovering new songs and artists.


And finally…


Toilet sign
Flush helps you in your hour of need!

When nature calls…

You’ll never get caught short when out and about if you have Flush installed on your smartphone!

Flush finds the nearest public toilets to you and directs you to them.

I think you’ll particularly love…that the app shows you which toilets are free and those that offer disabled access.



Which of these apps will you be installing on your device? I hope this list has given you some ideas and inspiration!

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10 useful free apps to make the most of your smartphone or tablet
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