Do you wish you could do everyday tasks on your computer or iPad with more confidence?

Would you like to learn essential digitals skills so you can stay in touch with friends and family, do online shopping or watch TV?

Technology is moving so fast that it’s easy to feel left behind.

The array of computers and mobile devices available, more ways than ever to stay in touch and sheer number of websites can be bewildering.

But you know that the Internet helps us do wonderful things like keep in touch with far-away loved ones, see and share our favourite photos, and bag a bargain.

Gaining new digitals skills is motivating and empowering

“I’ve asked my grandchildren to help me with emailing but they show me so quickly I don’t remember what they did!”

I hear this often from clients and is one of the most common reasons people ask for my help.

They know they’ll learn with me because my 3 step approach ensures you’ll be able to do the tasks yourself after the lesson is over.

Computer iPad Digital Skills Tuition and Coaching Oxfordshire

Learning with my 3 step approach

    1. Tell me what you’d like to learn to do on your computer or iPad when you book and that’s what we’ll cover in the session. So you only learn what you want. You can ask all the questions you want during the session – no question is too simple or silly.

    3. I’ll guide you, teach you and show you but you’ll do all the moving the mouse, clicking, tapping or swiping. This will help you learn and give you confidence. For extra reassurance, I’ll make notes during the session and summarize what we’ve learnt at the end.

    5. We’ll be using your computer or tablet so you don’t have to get to know how to use another computer.

What you can learn

To give you an idea of what you can learn with me, the following is a list of some of the most popular topics I help clients with.

If there’s something you’d like help with that’s not on this list, don’t worry, I’m sure I can help. Please call 01865 596131 to discuss.

Popular topics include:
  • Getting started with social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and learning how to use it
  • Keeping in touch with friends and family through video calls and messaging apps
  • Setting up and introduction to your new iPad
  • Making the most of your iPad
  • Making the most of your iPhone
  • Emailing essentials
  • Storing and sharing digital photos
  • Buying online (from food shopping to buying holidays)
  • Selling online with eBay
Ready to learn exciting new digital skills and make the most of what your computer and the Internet can offer?

Give me a ring today and let me know what you’d like to learn. Then we’ll arrange a convenient day and time to have our computer session, either in your own home (if you live in Oxfordshire) or here in Stanton Harcourt. Most people book an hour and a half with me as that seems to be the optimum amount of time for learning.

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